Publishing an ebook – Step One

I have my website setup ( and so I am about to begin step one of my journey into publishing an ebook.  The first step is by no means a small one as it is writing the book.  In this case I am going to use Maltese Heart,  a novel I wrote many years ago.

It might seem a little bit cheeky to jump through step one as I know a lot of people who struggle with actually writing and finishing their book.  I have the same problem.  It has taken me years to make the decision to write my second novel.  I have kept writing over the years and stacked up a lot of ideas and characters that all reside with me.  I loved writing my first book but I was younger and naive and had hopes of a publishing deal.  Of course those hopes were dashed as they are for so many but now technology has removed so many barriers that I feel I might be able to overcome my fear of rejection.  My challenge and this experiment is how to actually release an ebook – which is why I’m keeping this blog.  Not only as a how to for other people but also as a reminder to myself.

That means I can move onto step two fairly quickly.  Step two will be editing the book.  I would love to be able to hire an editor but I have to operate within a low to no budget so I’m going to review it myself.  I know the editing part will take a little while so for my next post I’m going to add some resources and an outline of all the steps (as I see them now and hopefully then a revised process once I reach the end).