How did your month of writing go?

Mine was spent doing as much editing as I could.  It seems like the first edit went quickly but now I’m doing my second edit and that is proving to be a lot more time consuming.  At some point I will have to decide that enough is enough and let go of my book and release it into the wild.  It is a much harder process than I thought it would be.

It seems that the festive season will soon be upon us all so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy all the Christmas delights and the time spent with your families.

In the New Year I will be adding a lot more to my site, a lot more resources and articles covering a wide range of topics.  Including how technological advances can be a boon to your writing workflow.  I will also be working harder than ever on releasing my own book and on that illusive second novel.  If there are any topics you feel strongly that you would like to see covered then please get in touch.