After two years…

It has been nearly two years since my last post but the good news is that my first novel ‘Maltese Heart’ is only weeks away from being published! More details to follow soon – can’t wait to check out the proof copy.   Read more »

Time management.

It seems that I’m struggling with one of the biggest battles many of us face… time management.  Everyone who works, and tries to keep up with family life knows that it can seem nearly impossible to find time to do it all.  Committing to not only writing but also editing […] Read more »

Publishing an ebook – Step One

I have my website setup ( and so I am about to begin step one of my journey into publishing an ebook.  The first step is by no means a small one as it is writing the book.  In this case I am going to use Maltese Heart,  a novel […] Read more »

A new era…

This is a new era and a new venture for me.  I have never blogged, released an ebook or been a part of the social frontier but all that is changing with this my first blog post. I am about to engage on my first foray into digital publishing by […] Read more »