Publishing an ebook – Step One

I have my website setup ( and so I am about to begin step one of my journey into publishing an ebook.  The first step is by no means a small one as it is writing the book.  In this case I am going to use Maltese Heart,  a novel […] Read more »

Pens, paper, word processor

No matter how you choose to write the key ingredient is to actually put pen to paper.  There are a number of options from the tried and true long hand scribblings (my own are often illegible) to punching keys on a computer.  Of course these days you could use your […] Read more »

A new era…

This is a new era and a new venture for me.  I have never blogged, released an ebook or been a part of the social frontier but all that is changing with this my first blog post. I am about to engage on my first foray into digital publishing by […] Read more »